An Introduction to Rugby League

Rugby League is a team game in which each team attempts to score tries and kick goals against the other team. It is a full-contact sport where players tackle each other by forcing the opponent to the floor. Each team consists of thirteen players and two substitutes. The thirteen comprise of seven backs and six forwards, the substitutes can be any combination of backs and forwards. A try may be scored by grounding the oval-shaped ball in the opponent’s goal area and a goal scored by kicking the ball through the familiar H-shaped posts common to all types of rugby.

Rugby league is one type of rugby football, the other type being rugby union. There are some very complex differences between the two, but the most obvious is the rules regarding the fluidity of play. Rugby league games are limited to runs of six tackles in a row, i.e. after one team is tackled six times they must hand the ball over to the opposing team. This is not the case in rugby union as one team can keep possession until a penalty is committed or the ball is released to the other side. Matches are made up of two 40 minute halves and the team with the most points at the final whistle wins.